About Us


       MoSneaks Shop, was established in 2011 by its founder Mr. Marlon Blackman who has been an avid sneaker connoisseur since a child. The fact that he attended catholic school and had to wear a uniform 4 days a week the majority of his footwear were shoes. Once his parents were able to afford and purchase the Air Jordan 4 Bred when he was 10 years of age. The love and passion for sneakers became one that has never left his fashion forte. Since Fridays at the catholic school was dress down days, thats when Marlon would put on his Jordan 4's and stunt like never before in a happy way.


        After receiving his MBA in Business his passion for footwear and noticing how the culture of sneaker collecting had become a big phenomenon. Marlon decided to open a sneaker store that would cater to the masses of those whom have always wanted a specific sneaker but with technology and the use of bots, failed to obtain pairs of sneakers that they have been wanting for years.


       We at MoSneaks Shop are not only here to consult customers on sneakers, footwear and apparel. Our mission is to be that staple in the community that is known for great customer service and reliability. As the business grows and our customers grow with us, the family within the sneaker culture will make a change for the better and come together as one.

Marlon/MoSneaks Shop Founder